Oral Hygiene

Aloe Vera - For
Oral Hygiene

SA's Nr.1 Aloe Vera Gel Toothpaste - Aloe Fresh

  • Lasts longer - 100 ml

  • Strong Mint - Taste 

  • Fluoride Free

  • Teeth Whitening

Why Make Aloe Fresh Your First choice?

A Gel Toothpaste with Natural Aloe Vera Juice.

Contains  sand crystals aka silica for polishing action and mint Microcrystals that allows for a better cleaning and extended release action.

Aloe Fresh Oral care Contains no harmful fluoride, preservatives, artificial colors or saccharin.

Use Aloe Fresh for a Natural Whiter brighter Smile.

100ml – Last longer


Aloe Vera and Oral Hygiene

Aloe Vera Juice, Properties and Benefits

All Aloe Fresh products are microbiologically tested
and contain powerful active ingredients of Aloe Vera
to combat the proliferation of the bacteria
responsible for the formation of plaque, tooth decay
and bad breath.