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Remedies for your Digestion

Sluggish digestion is an increasingly common disorder caused by the accumulation of toxins due to our extremely busy lifestyle, stress and poor diet.

To restore normal digestive function, you must follow good daily practices, and must enrich your diet with vast amounts of fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water or herbal tea and avoid an inactive lifestyle.

In cases of sluggish digestion you can also support your body in the form of natural food supplements. ESI has developed the Ten Herbs range, a line of totally natural supplements available in a variety of versions to promote physiological intestinal and digestive functions.

Ten Herbs is a plant product that is definitely a leader in this sector thanks to its natural formulation. Even chewing herbs or herbal tea is a great remedy for sluggish digestion.

Ten Herbs – focused towards indigestions & constipation.

Ten Herbs Colon Cleanse – focused towards detox and colon cleaning.

Ten Herbs Plus – focused on IBS, severe constipation.

Hepaplus – focused on liver & gallbladder support for digestion.